Operational Research Society of New Zealand

Contains those members agreeing to publication as at 30 November, 2005

Corporate Sponsors

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Hoare Research Software
New Zealand's Technical Software Source www.hrs.co.nz, rory[at]hrs.co.nz 
Ph 0800 HRS PRO (477 776)

Forest Research
Forest Research
Expertise, technology and research services spanning the value chain
Telephone: +64 7 343 5899
Facsimile: +64 7 348 0952
Freephone: 0800 737 327 (within NZ)
Email: info[at]forestresearch.co.nz

Orbit Systems Ltd 
Operations Research Based  Information Technology 
www.orbitsystems.co.nz, info[at]orbitsystems.co.nz 
Wlg: Ph +64 4 381-0960 Fax +64 4 381-0961
Akl: Ph +64 9 523 5401 Fax +64 9 523 5402

The Optima Corporation
(previously ODT)
 Rostering, Scheduling and Simulation Experts
Ph 09 361 5525
Fax 09 376 0086


Membership List

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Name Affiliation Email Home Page
Stephanus Adi Purnomo n/a peppysiuly at actrix.co.nz welcome.to/industria...athematics
Air New Zealand Air New Zealand amanda.day at airnz.co.nz www.airnz.co.nz
Sneha Anthony Dept of Eng. Science snehadravid at yahoo.com n/a
Tiru Arthanari University of Auckland tarthan at comc.auckland.ac.nz n/a
W J Barclay Barclay Traffic Planning barclay at barclaytraffic...o.nz www.barclaytraffic.co.nz
Dr M Cowing Pacific University n/a www.pacificu.edu
Dr Hugh Barr Infosmart Limited hugh at infosmart.co.nz n/a
Mr C B Basnet University of Waikato chuda at waikato.ac.nz n/a
Fernado Beltran Auckland f.betran at auckland.ac.nz staff.business.auckl...z/fbeltran
Mr B R Benseman Optimal Solutions Ltd b.benseman at airways.co.nz n/a
Mr D Boland Boland Associates Limited boland.d at paradise.net.nz n/a
Kevin Broad n/a kevin.broad at paradise.n....nz, n/a
Dr John Buchanan Waikato University jtb at waikato.ac.nz www.mngt.waikato.ac..../mnss/john
Dr S Butt Western Michigan University steven.butt at wmich.edu www.wmich.edu/ime/butt.htm
Mr D A Cater n/a dan.cater at dancater.co.nz n/a
Dr R Y Cavana VUW bob.cavana at vuw.ac.nz www.vuw.ac.nz/mgmt/s.../cavana_b/
Neil Challands NZ Fire Service neil.challands at fire.org.nz n/a
Alvis Chen n/a n/a n/a
Paul Childerhouse Waikato Management School pchilder at waikato.ac.nz n/a
Stefanka Chukova n/a schukova at mcs.vuw.ac.nz n/a
Mr S P Copsey Cosec simeon at cosec.co.nz www.sss.co.nz
Dr J L Corner University of Waikato jcorner at waikato.ac.nz n/a
Andrew Coyle Orbit Systems andrew.coyle at orbitsyst...o.nz www.orbitsystems.co.nz
Mr J Crequer Statistics New Zealand john.crequer at stats.govt.nz n/a
Miss T. Crombie Mainland Products Limited tonille.crombie at mainla...o.nz n/a
Chris Dake AgResearch Ltd chris.dake at agresearch.co.nz n/a
Mr J Davies VUW john.davies at vuw.ac.nz n/a
Dr R B Davies Statistics Research Associates Limited robert at statsresearch.co.nz www.robertnz.net
Ms A. Day n/a amanda.day at airnz.co.nz n/a
Dr Eric Deakins University of Waikato edeakins at waikato.ac.nz n/a
Alastair Duffy PA Consulting Group alastair.duffy at paconsu....com n/a
Shane Dye University of Canterbury shane.dye at canterbury.ac.nz www.mang.canterbury....ple/shane/
William Eckard Mighty River Power weckard at mightyriver.co.nz n/a
Matthias Ehrgott University of Auckland m.ehrgott at auckland.ac.nz www.esc.auckland.ac....f/matthias
Graeme Everett Norske Skog Tasman graeme.everett at norske-...o.nz n/a
Forest Research Forest Research christine.todoroki at for...o.nz n/a
Prof L R Foulds University of Waikato lfoulds at waikato.ac.nz www.mngt.waikato.ac....es/les.htm
H. Fraser University of Canterbury hamish_fraser at nera.com www.nera.com
Ms K M Garner IRL k.garner at irl.cri.nz www.maths.irl.cri.nz
Dr J A George PA Consulting john.george at paconsulti....com n/a
Dr F T Green University of Canterbury terri.green at canterbury...c.nz n/a
Tom Halliburton Energy Modeling Consultants Ltd tom.halliburton at attglo....net n/a
Dr C J Hardley self-employed cjhardley at xtra.co.nz n/a
Mr D C Harvie Retired matrices at anet.co.nz n/a
Dr Y Hayakawa Wasada University yu.hayakawa at waseda.jp n/a
Mr J R Hayes EDS (NZ) Ltd john.r.hayes at eds.com n/a
Shane Henderson University of Michigan at sgh9(a)cornell.edu www.orie.cornell.edu/~shane/
Dr C Hjorring Carmen Systems, Sweden curt.hjorring at carmen.se www.carmen.se
Dr Ray Hoare Hoare Reseach Software Limited ray at hrs.co.nz www.hrs.co.nz
Hoare Research Software Limited n/a info at hrs.co.nz www.hrs.co.nz/
Ms B K Hock NZ Forest Research Institute barbara.hock at forestres...o.nz n/a
Mr K P Horide-Hobley Synergy International Limited horidek at synergy.co.nz www.actrix.gen.nz/us...rs/horidek
Chia-Hui Institute of Information Management, NCTU leohuang.iim92g at nctu.edu.tw n/a
Prof J J Hunter Massey University j.hunter at massey.ac.nz www.massey.ac.nz/~jhunter
Dr Ross James University of Canterbury ross.james at canterbury.ac.nz [email protected]
Hae-Duck Joshua Jeong Korean Bible University joshua at bible.ac.kr www.bible.ac.kr
Mr Emmanuel Jo n/a emmanuel.conwoojo at acc.co.nz n/a
Han-Ying Kao Hsuan Chuang University teresak at wmail.hcu.edu.tw
Mr P M Keating Oracle paul.keating at oracle.com n/a
Mr Andrew L Kerr n/a andrew at conceptgroup.co.nz www.conceptgroup.co.nz
Diana Kirk University of Auckland d.kirk at cs.auckland.ac.nz www.cs.auckland.ac.n.../~dkir006/
James Ku Auckland n/a n/a
Michael Lauren DTA m.lauren at dta.mil.nz n/a
Jessica Leong University of Auckland jlpy00 at yahoo.com n/a
Dr R J Lermit n/a jonathan.lermit at paradi...t.nz www.transpower.co.nz
Geoff Leyland n/a geoff.leyland at sol.co.nz n/a
Dr V J Mabin VUW vicky.mabin at vuw.ac.nz www.vms.vuw.ac.nz
Mr A C MacLeod Orbit Systems craig.macleod at orbitsys...o.nz n/a
Dr A J Mason University of Auckland a.mason at auckland.ac.nz www.esc.auckland.ac.nz/mason
Mr O C McCahon n/a mccahon at ihug.co.nz n/a
Alastair McNaughton n/a a.mcnaughton at auckland.ac.nz n/a
Dr D C McNickle Canterbury University don.mcnickle at canterbur...c.nz [email protected]
Mr P Milsom n/a peterm at milsom.co.nz n/a
Stuart Mitchell University of Auckland s.mitchell at auckland.ac.nz n/a
Dr P L Nuthall Lincoln University nuthallp at lincoln.ac.nz n/a
Orbit Systems Ltd n/a n/a www.orbitsystems.co.nz
Mike O'Sullivan University of Auckland michael.osullivan at auck...c.nz n/a
Kamalnayan Patel Auckland Univeristy kamalnayanp at hotmail.com n/a
Mr C J Patterson n/a patterburg at pl.net n/a
Erling Pettersen Norwegian University of Science and Technology erling.pettersen at iot.n...u.no n/a
Ms N. Petty University of Canterbury nicola.petty at canterbur...c.nz www.canterbury.ac.nz
Dr A B Philpott Auckland University a.philpott at auckland.ac.nz www.esc.auckland.ac....z/philpott
Mr M L Pickup Electricity Commission mark.pickup at selectrici...t.nz n/a
Tony Pidgeon Beca Applied Technologies Ltd tpidgeon at beca.co.nz www.beca.com
Dr I M Premachandra University of Otago ipremachandra at business...c.nz n/a
Geoff Pritchard University of Auckland g.pritchard at auckland.ac.nz n/a
John Raffensperger University of Canterbury john.raffensperger at can...c.nz www.mang.canterbury....e/jfraffen
Dr E G Read Canterbury University grant.read at canterbury.ac.nz n/a
Dr John Rendel Landcorp Farming Ltd john at rendel.co.nz n/a
Dr C M Rivers n/a crivers at riv.co.nz riv.co.nz/cmr/
Dr D J Robb University of Auckland d.robb at auckland.ac.nz staff.business.auckl....nz/d.robb
Mr R D S Robertson n/a rds_ml_robertson at xtra.co.nz n/a
Dr Tim Robinson Kiwiplan timr at kiwiplan.co.nz n/a
Dr Mikael Ronnqvist School of Engineering, AKuni miron at math.liu.se www.mai.liu.se/~miron
Dr D L Roper n/a n/a n/a
Kevin Ross University of California Santa Cruz kross at stanfordalumni.org www.soe.ucsc.edu/~kross
Paul Rouse University of Auckland p.rouse at auckland.ac.nz n/a
Professor D M Ryan Auckland University d.ryan at auckland.ac.nz n/a
Peter Sale University of Auckland pvsale at xtra.co.nz www.mapsone.cjb.net
Dr V K Samuelson N.B. Vaughan drvksam at ihug.co.nz homepages.ihug.co.nz.../index.htm
Dr Jay Sankaran University of Auckland j.sankaran at auckland.ac.nz n/a
Dr T K Sarkar VUW tapas.sarkar at mcs.vuw.ac.nz n/a
Dr M A Saunders Stanford University saunders at stanford.edu www.stanford.edu/~saunders/
Dr J L Scott Waikato University j.scott at waikato.ac.nz www.mngt.waikato.ac..../scott/htm
Emma Sharkey Statistics New Zealand emma.sharkey at stats.govt.nz n/a
Togar Simatupang Massey University t.m.simatupang at massey.ac.nz togarsim.tripod.com
Kavinesh Singh University of Auckland kavinesh.singh at aucklan...c.nz n/a
Paul Stewart Canterbury paul.stewart at canterbur...c.nz n/a
Mark Stewart PA Consulting Group mark.stewart at canterbur...c.nz www.paconsulting.com
Siew Chein Teo Multimedia University scteo at mmu.edu.my www1.mmu.edu.my/~scteo/
Alan Thompson Deloitte athompson at deloitte.com.au www.deloitte.com.au
Timothy Thompson University of Auckland ttho035 at ec.auckland.ac.nz n/a
Sarah Thorstensen n/a sthorstensen at beca.co.nz n/a
James Tipping University of Canterbury james.tipping at canterbu...c.nz www.mang.canterbury.ac.nz
Valeria Toader Derceto at vtoader$derceto.com n/a
Christine Todoroki FRI christine.todoroki at for...o.nz n/a
Venkateswarlu Pulakanam n/a v.pulakanam at paradise.net.nz n/a
Prof D Vere-Jones VUW david.vere-jones at vuw.ac.nz n/a
Prof G A Vignaux VUW tony.vignaux at vuw.ac.nz n/a
Mr C W Walker Self colin_walker at xtra.co.nz n/a
Hamish Waterer Engineering Science h.waterer at auckland.ac.nz n/a
Ines Winz University of Auckland ines at xtra.co.nz n/a
Kevin Wood Naval Postgraduate School kwood at nps.navy.mil n/a
Martin Young University of Auckland myou049 at ec.auckland.ac.nz n/a
Stuart Young n/a syoung at aut.ac.nz n/a
Golbon Zakeri n/a g.zakeri at auckland.ac.nz www.mcs.anl.gov/~zakeri
Zhu Nan n/a znan at waikato.ac.nz n/a
Ilze Ziedins n/a i.ziedins at auckland.ac.nz n/a

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