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ORSNZ Hans Daellenbach Prize

Emeritus Professor Hans Daellenbach

To honour the considerable contributions of Emeritus Professor Hans Daellenbach to Operations Research/Management Science (OR/MS) in New Zealand, the ORSNZ established the ORSNZ Hans Daellenbach Prize in 2001. Professor Daellenbach’s contributions reflect his belief that the best work in OR/MS combines strong innovative methodology with practical impact. The Daellenbach Prize will be awarded for such a body of work that has made a significant contribution and received international recognition.

The Daellenbach Prize is open to all New Zealanders and others with a strong connection to New Zealand; prize winners need not be ORSNZ members. The Prize can be shared by more than one person. The Daellenbach Prize will be awarded no more frequently than once every three years.

A call for nominations of persons to be considered for the Prize will be made at the ORSNZ Conference and in ORSNZ Newsletters. Prize nominations will be made by two or more members of ORSNZ and will include the nominees’ CVs and a nomination statement outlining the grounds on which the nomination has been made. This statement is expected to describe a body of innovative OR/MS work in New Zealand that demonstrates international recognition as evidenced by publication and shows clear evidence of impact in a practical setting. Citations of publications supporting the application should be included in the nomination statement, and copies of the relevant papers should also be forwarded with the nomination. Any work that has been done in recent years is eligible unless it has already been recognised by a Daellenbach Prize.

The President of ORSNZ will receive the nominations and set up a Prize Panel including two other members of ORSNZ (including, where possible, at least one previous Prize winner) to select the winner of the Prize. The President and members of the Prize Panel will be ineligible for the Prize. No prize will be awarded if nominations are not of sufficient merit. Where an award is made, the Prize Panel shall prepare a Prize Citation summarizing the winners’ contributions.

The winner(s) of the Prize will be announced at the ORSNZ Conference Dinner in the year that the award is made, and the prize presentation will be made at this conference. The winner(s) will be invited to give a plenary address at the following ORSNZ Conference on the work that has resulted in their award.

The Prize will be a sum of (NZ) $1000 (or other such sum as shall be decided by the ORSNZ Council) and one or more framed Prize Citations. This sum shall be shared between the one or more prize winners.

The processes outlined above may be altered without notice at any time by the ORSNZ Council on a case by case basis.

1/ A strong connection with New Zealand might include having New Zealand residency, having lived and/or worked in New Zealand, and/or having been an ORSNZ member for a length of time.
2/ This prize was established in 2001.
3/ This prize was originally awarded every two years; this was changed to no frequently than every three years in 2005.
4/ The wording above was approved at the Council meeting of 8/7/2008. Rules governing the processes had not previously been drafted.
5/ You can read more about Hans and his career at Canterbury University in the March 1999 Newsletter, and peruse one of his articles in the Jan 1996 Newsletter.