29th-30th AUGUST 1996
University of Canterbury
New Zealand


Time Allocation

All presentations, excluding key note addresses and the Young Practitioner Prize (YPP) sessions will be allocated 20 minutes for the paper presentation and 5 minutes for questions.

YPP sessions are allocated 15 minutes for their paper presentation and 5 minutes for questions.


Presentations are grouped into sessions with either 3 or 4 presentations. Please check the list of papers and times for when your paper has been scheduled.

Parallel Sessions

Most sessions are run in two parallel streams. To enable people to attend papers in each of the session attendees are asked to move during the question time to the other session. This also means it is important to keep to the times allocated.


Standard equipment that will be available in each of the lecture theatres is as follows:

If you require any other equipment then contact the Conference Secretary with your request. This should be done as soon as possible, as the likelihood of obtaining equipment is reduced the closer to the conference the order is placed. If you are intending to use the computer equipment provided OR bring your own PC for the presentation then please contact the conference secretary to signal your intension and to ensure compatibility with the projection equipment.

Any Questions?

Contact the conference secretary,

Dr Ross James, Department of Management, University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800, Christchurch, NZ
Ph +64 3 364 2606 Fax +64 3 364 2020
E-mail [email protected]