ORSNZ Conference Program

  Session details, paper titles and presenters

  Welcome & Plenary 1                                                                       Sunday 0850-1000, Room 401.439

  Andres Weintraub, 'Plenary Address'

         Andres Weintraub, University of Chile

  Session 1A: Risk & Uncertainty                                                         Sunday 1030-1200, Room 401.439

  Susan M. Sanchez, R. Kevin Wood, 'The BEST Algorithm for Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programs:  Bootstrapping to

   Make It Better'

         Kevin Wood, Naval Postgraduate School

  Fernando Beltrán, Natalia Santamaría, 'A measure of the variability of revenue to an auctioneer: a look at the

  Revenue Equivalence Theorem.'

         Fernando Beltran, University of Auckland

  Han-Ying Kao, 'Fuzzy Reasoning and Optimization Based on a Generalized Bayesian Network'

         Han-Ying Kao, Department of Marketing and Distribution, Hsuan Chuang University

  Michael Lauren, 'Applications of fractals to weather and electricity hedging decisions'

         Michael Lauren, Defence Technology Agency

  Session 1B: Applications                                                                   Sunday 1030-1200, Room 403.401

  MA Chik, Ibrahim Ahmad, Mohd Yusoff Jamaludin, 'Paradigm Shift in Manufacturing Operation Through

  Implementation of Intelligent Dispatching'

         Ibrahim Ahmad, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

  Dan Trietsch, 'Stochastic Economic Balance Principles for Project Planning: Feeding Buffers, Crashing, and


         Dan Trietsch, University of Auckland

  Michael Ferris and Golbon Zakeri , 'Matlab splines utilized from GAMS'

         Golbon Zakeri, University of Auckland

  Lincoln Wood and Jay Sankaran, 'The Impact of JIT Replenishment and Road Traffic Congestion on Distribution


         Lincoln Wood, University of Auckland

  YPP Session 1: Young Practitioner Prize                                             Sunday 1300-1430, Room 401.439

  Mohammad Babul Hasan, 'Fishing Trawler Scheduling for Integrated Fisheries'

         Mohammad Babul Hasan, Dept. of Management, University of Canterbury

  Sanjay Patel, 'Locomotive Allocation for Toll NZ'

         Sanjay Patel, Engineering Science, University of Auckland

  Kavinesh Singh, 'Column Generation for Capacity-Expansion Planning of Electricity Distribution Networks'

         Kavinesh Singh, Dept of Engineering Science, University of Auckland

  Martin Young, 'Improved Column Generation for the Air New Zealand Tours-of-Duty Problem'

         Martin Young, Engineering Science, University of Auckland

  YPP Session 2: Young Practitioner Prize                                             Sunday 1500-1610, Room 401.439

  Matthew Gordon, 'Determining Knot Points For Spline Regression Models'

         Matthew Gordon, Engineering Science, University of Auckland

  Timothy Thompson, 'Optimal Core-Edge Storage Area Network Design'

         Timothy Thompson, Engineering Science, University of Auckland

  Sarah Kirkpatrick, 'Better Base Locations for the Melbourne Ambulance Service'

         Sarah Kirkpatrick, University of Auckland

  Session 2A: Routing                                                                         Monday 0850-1020, Room 401.439

  John F. Raffensperger, 'Application of column splitting to the travelling salesman problem.'

         John Raffensperger, University of Canterbury

  David Galligan, 'Maritime Patrol Modelling and Planning'

         David Galligan, Defence Technology Agency

  Geoff Leyland, Andy Philpott, 'Stochastic Optimization: Rowing to Barbados'

         Geoff Leyland, Stochastic Optimization Limited

  Session 2B: Forestry & Agriculture                                                   Monday 0850-1020, Room 403.401

  Alastair McNaughton, 'Recent progress on the area restriction problem of forest harvesting'

         Alastair McNaughton, University of Auckland

  Stuart Mitchell and K. Kim, 'Yield Frontier Analysis of Forest Inventory'

         Stuart Mitchell, Dept of Engineering Science, University of Auckland

  L R Foulds, 'Hay Harvesting Operations Scheduling Subject to Probabilistic Activity Duration and Machine Failure'

         Les Foulds, UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO

  Plenary  2                                                                                       Monday 1050-1200, Room 401.439

  Oli Madsen, 'The Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows - Survey and Recent Developments'

         Oli Madsen, CTT-  Centre for Traffic and Transport, Technical University of Denmark

  Session 3A: Scheduling                                                                    Monday 1300-1430, Room 401.439

  James Priestley, 'Solution of the Airline ToD Problem using Severely Limited Subsequence'

         James Priestley, Auckland University

  Bassy Tam, 'Multi-Criteria Methods for Unit Crewing in the Airline Tour-of-Duty Planning Problem'

         Bassy Tam, Engineering Science, University of Auckland

  Andrew Mason, 'Elastic Constraint Branching, the Wedelin Lagrangian Heuristic and Staff Scheduling'

         Andrew Mason, University of Auckland

  H. Waterer and D.M. Ryan, 'Solving the Classroom Assignment Problem Using Integer Programming'

         Hamish Waterer, Engineering Science, University of Auckland

  Session 3B: Truth, Lies and Influence                                                 Monday 1300-1430, Room 403.401

  Jim Sheffield, 'Cooking the Evidence - A Recipe for Discursive Truth'

         Jim Sheffield, University of Auckland

  Jim Sheffield, 'Eating Your Own Cooking - Evaluating Discursive Truth'

         Jim Sheffield, University of Auckland

  Conor J. Mills and John Paynter, 'Academic Plagiarism: An Analysis of Current Technological Issues'

         John Paynter, University of Auckland

  Chia-Hui Huang, Han-Lin Li, 'Influence Diagrams: A Rough Set Approach'

         Chia-Hui Huang, Institute of Information Management, NCTU

  Session 4A: Multiple Objective & Location                                           Monday 1500-1630, Room 401.439

  Cameron Walker and Michael O’Sullivan, 'Connecting Efficient Knapsacks: Experiments with the Equally-Weighted

  Bi-Criteria Knapsack Problem'

         Michael O'Sullivan, University of Auckland

  Ines Winz, 'A decision support system for radiation therapy treatment planning'

         Ines  Winz, Departrment of Engineering Science, UoA

  R. Velasquez and M. T. Melo, 'Solving a large-scale dynamic facility location problem with variable neighbourhood

  and token ring search'

         Rafael Velasquez, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

  Matthias Ehrgott, Bassy Tam, 'A Heuristic for the Discrete Biobjective p-Median Location Problem'

         Matthias Ehrgott, The University of Auckland

  Session 4B: Electricity                                                                      Monday 1500-1630, Room 403.401

  E. Grant Read, Deb Chattopadhyay, 'A Theoretical Framework for Zonal Electricity Markets'

         E Grant Read, Canterbury University

  Bhujanga B Chakrabarti and E Grant Read, 'Pricing Implications of Security Constrained Dispatch'

         Bhujanga Chakrabarti, Transpower NZ Ltd

  G. Pritchard, G. Zakeri, A. Philpott, 'HERO (Hydro-electric reservoir optimization)'

         Geoffrey Pritchard, University of Auckland

  Andy Philpott, 'Single-Unit Commitment Problems in Electricity Pool Markets'

         Andy Philpott, University of Auckland