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45th Annual ORSNZ Conference
Sun 28 Nov (Welcome), Mon 29 - Tues 30 Nov, 2010.
University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Conference Programme and Maps

A Programme (.pdf, 2M) is now available, including
1/ a list of presentations and times,
2/ a map showing the Clock tower lecture rooms that we will be using,
3/ a map of the campus, showing parking, the Clock tower and Old Government House (the reception venue) and
4/ map of the Auckland CBD showing the Clock tower, parking and banquet locations.
(Last updated 25/11/2010)

Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the 45th Annual Conference of the Operations Research Society of New Zealand
Editors: Matthias Ehrgott and Andrew Mason
Auckland, November 2010
ISSN 0114-6602

A full copy of the Conference proceedings (.pdf, 12M) is available. This is a large file containing a title page, the a list of papers and presentation times and the full papers. The individual papers are available below.

Maintenance Operation Centre Rostering Problem, p1-7
Dominic Fok

A Generic Nurse Rostering Algorithm for the INRC2010 Instances, p8-17
Eduard Bulog

Comparing the Efficiency of Stores at New Zealand Post, p18-27
Harriet Priddey and Kane Harton

The Bi-Objective Multi-Commodity Minimum Cost Flow Problem, p28-38
Siamak Moradi

Risk Aversion and Retail Electricity Markets, p39-49
Anthony Downward

Virtual Smelter Modelling for Metal Flow Management, p50-59
Timothy Harton

Demand Management: Effective, Evil, or Just Everyday?, p60
Tava Olsen

Achieve Smarter Decision Outcomes with Optimisation, p61
Chun Zhi Wu

Collateralised Debt Obligation Portfolio Optimisation, p62-71
Min Gih Choi

Optimisation of Demand-Side Bidding, p72-81
Jason Undan

Aircraft Route Guidance Through Convective Weather, p82-89
Larence Li

Design of Road Networks, p90-99
Jason Drake

Bi-objective Cycle Route Finding, p100-109
Simon Bull and Denis Helm

Selecting a Portfolio of Cycling Projects, p110-119
Uttara Nataraj

A Multi-commodity Flow Formulation for the Integrated Aircraft Routing, Crew Pairing, and Tail Assignment Problem, p120-129
Sebastian Ruther

Kick Strength and Online Sampling for Iterated Local Search, p130-139
Thomas Liddle

Optimal Public-Transport Transfer Synchronization Using Operational Tactics, p140-149
Albert Ang and Michael McIvor

Optimisation of Small-Scale Ambulance Move-Up, p150-159
Oddo Zhang

Scale Advantage - Using Data Envelopment Analysis to Detect Economies of Scale in the Insurance Industry, p160-169
Kane Harton

Rima: Building Math Models for Reuse, p170-180
Geoff Leyland

OpenSolver -- Open Source Optimisation for Excel, p181-190
Andrew Mason and Iain Dunning

Dippy -- A Simplified Interface to Advanced Integer Programming Techniques, p191-200
Michael OSullivan, Qi-Shan Lim, Cameron Walker and Stu Mitchell

Constraint Branching Techniques, p201-208
Alastair McNaughton and David Ryan

A User's Critical Characteristic (UCC) in ERP System Training Transfer: An HRD Perspective, p209
Christopher Arasanmi

Analyzing the Brazilian Higher Education System Using System Dynamics, p210-218
Luisa Mariele Strauss and Denis Borenstein

Scenario Modelling for Managers: A System Dynamics Approach, p219-228
Robert Y. Cavana

Comparing Public and Private Sector Decision Making: Problem Structuring and Information Quality Issues, p229-237
Stuart Dillon, John Buchanan, Jim Corner

The Container Positioning Problem Revisited Yet Again!, p238
David Ryan

Empty Container-truck Movement Problem At Ports of Auckland, p239-248
Samsul Islam, Tiru Arthanari and Tava Olsen

Optimal Ordering Policy With Inspection Errors and Learning Curve Consideration on Imperfect Quality Items, p249-258
Divya Jain and K.K. Aggarwal

Optimisation of Mould Filling Parameters of the Compression Resin Transfer Moulding Process, p259-269
Sherry Hsu, Matthias Ehrgott and Piaras Kelly

Branch-and-Price Guided Search, p270
Mike Hewitt, George Nemhauser, Martin Savelsbergh and Jin-Hwa Song

Regression Spline Fitting with Applications, p271-280
Cameron Walker, M.J. O'Sullivan, Y. Zhu, S. Hsu, M. L. MacKenzie, C. R. Donovan and V. Rajagopal

Optimal Paths in Real Multimodal Transportation Networks: An Appraisal Using GIS Data from New Zealand and Europe, p281-289
Felipe Lillo and Frederik Schmidt

Network Design Model with Evacuation Constraints, p290-298
Yuval Hadas and Amir Laor

Biobjective Air Traffic Flow Management, p299-308
Kenneth Kuhn and Andrea Raith

Shipping Stem Generation for the Hunter Valley Coal Chain , p309-312
Natashia Boland, Hamish Waterer and Martin Savelsbergh

Speed-up of Labelling Algorithms for Biobjective Shortest Path Problems, p313-322
Andrea Raith

Worst-Case Analysis for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem with Minimum Delivery Amounts, p323-325
Yupei Xiong, Daniel Gulczynski, Bruce Golden, Daniel Kleitman and Edward Wasil

Performance of the Branch and Bound Algorithm on the Multistage Insertion Formulation of the Travelling Salesman Problem, p326-335
Laleh Haerian Ardekani, Tiru S. Arthanari and Matthias Ehrgott

A Subset-Selection Prize-Collecting TSP with Uncertain Speed, p336-344
Shane Dye, John Giffin, Nicola Petty

Determining Degree of Difficulty in ROGO, a TSP-based Paper Puzzle, p345-352
Nicola Petty and Shane Dye

Public-Transit Frequency Setting Using Minimum-Cost Approach with Stochastic Demand, p353-362
Yuval Hadas, Matan Shnaiderman and Avishai (Avi) Ceder

A Decision Support Tool for Equipment Replacement in Forestry Harvesting Operations, p363-372
Matthew Baxter, Mark Brown and Heng-Soon Gan

Maintenance Scheduling for the Hunter Valley Coal Chain, p373-375
Natashia Boland, Thomas Kalinowski, Hamish Waterer and Lanbo Zheng

Mathematical Programming-based Heuristics for Production Planning, p376-385
Ross James and Bernardo Almada-Lobo

Scheduling Super Rugby, p386-395
Mark Johnston and Mike Wright

Demand Learning and Dynamic Pricing for Multi-Version Products, p396-399
Guillermo Gallego and Masoud Talebian

Financial Transmission Rights Auctions: Entry and Efficiency, p400-408
Golbon Zakeri and Anthony Downward

A Natural Gas LP Formulation to Enhance Allocation with Market Pricing Mechanisms, p409-417
Stephen Starkey, E.G. Read, S. Dye and B.J. Ring

Outline of a Market for Ecological Connectivity, p418-426
John F. Raffensperger