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2013 Joint NZSA+ORSNZ Conference
Sun 24 - Wed 27 Nov, 2013
Hamilton, New Zealand

Proceedings of the 47th Annual Conference of the ORSNZ

The proceedings of the 47th Annual Conference of the ORSNZ are published online by the Operations Research Society of NZ.

ID Author Title
- Andrew Mason Cover and Preface
17 Richard Vale Using a copula-based model of GST data to visualise the New Zealand economy
28 Boris Miller Towards the Control of Markov Chains with Constraints: Theory and Applications
41 Jørgen Laake and Abraham Zhang An optimization model for strategic fleet planning in tramp shipping
77 Ploy Pongjetanapong, Michael O'Suliivan and Cameron Walker Simulating Cytology with FlexSim HC
81 Maryam Mirzaei and Victoria Mabin The PhD in light of Project Management
88 Vladimir Krichtal and Conrad Edwards National Instantaneous Reserve Prices and Revenue in New Zealand Electricity Market
92 John Créquer Challenges in Obtaining and Using Data in a Post-Emergency Environment
99 J. Fei Ying, Suzanne Wilkinson and Jim Corner Seismic Mitigation Decisions for Building Owners in NZ
100 Lin Chen, Andrea Raith, Theunis Henning and Asaad Shamseldin Multi-objective optimisation in decision making of infrastructure asset management
101 Danny Tsai, Andrea Raith and Andy Philpott Capacity Expansion Optimisation in Transportation Networks
103 Corey Kok and Andy Philpott Modelling risk aversion in generation expansion
104 Jack Dunn, Golbon Zakeri and Anthony Downward Binary Interruptible Load Optimisation
105 Andy Philpott and Peter Mills POSM: optimal dairy farm stock management under uncertainty
106 Jenny McLean, Anthony Downward, Golbon Zakeri and Andy Philpott Transmission Tower Painting Optimisation
107 Keith Ruddell, Andrea Raith Graph partitioning and its Application to the Traffic Assignment Problem
108 Max Biggs and Tony Downward 2D shape optimization applied to diamond cutting
109 Siamak Moradi, Andrea Raith and Matthias Ehrgott Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition for the Bi-Objective Multi-Commodity Minimum Cost Flow Problem
112 Boshen Chen, Olga Perederieieva and Andrea Raith Shortest Path Algorithms in Traffic Assignment
115 Anthony Downward, Yibo Weng, Golbon Zakeri and Danny Tsai Multi-node offer stack optimisation over electricity networks
119 Antony Phillips, Matthias Ehrgott and David Ryan Solving the Classroom Assignment Problem Using Integer Programming
128 Graeme Everett and Andy Philpott Pulp Mill Power Tool