ENR Session at Upcoming ORSNZ Conference

As part of the upcoming ORSNZ conference (2-3 December 2019), we are running a stream of presentations and discussions on climate change mitigation policy. We are accepting abstract submissions on this topic, and other energy / emission-related applications of operations research and data analytics.

Please follow abstract submission instructions as given here, but include the keyword ENR to indicate you would like to be included in the ENR stream.

Session on Energy at Upcoming NZSA/ORSNZ Conference

At the upcoming NZSA/ORSNZ conference in Palmerston North there will be a short session on electricity and renewables. This session is on Thursday 29 November, and includes talks by Adjunct Prof. Grant Read and Prof. Andy Philpott. You must register to attend conference here (the one-day rate is $150, including lunch and morning/afternoon tea).

In the afternoon of the same day is an agriculture-themed Analytics Forum event. Additional details of this event can be found here.

ENR Session at 2018 NZSA / ORSNZ Conference

Abstract submissions and registrations for the upcoming 2018 conference (27-29 November) in Palmerston North opened on August 1.

Since it’s often difficult to justify spending 2-3 days at a general Operations Research conference, we would like to organise at least one session at the conference dedicated to Energy and Natural Resources (the ENR interest group launched at the start of this year). Note that to facilitate this, the conference has a day-rate of $150.

The purpose of the ORSNZ interest groups are to try to strengthen linkages between academia and industry, so we’d ideally have a range of talks about modelling, data analysis, policy etc.

To help us plan how many sessions would be needed, would you please complete this short survey, indicating how likely it is that you’ll attend the conference, and whether you’d be willing to contribute a presentation.

(If you wish to give a presentation, then you will need to submit an abstract as outlined here, but please also email ENR with the title of your talk, so we can assign it to the right session.)