Seminar: How can optimisation, data science, AI, and mathematical algorithms make businesses thrive?

Dr Amit Garg is giving two seminars while visiting Auckland.

Auckland University of Technology
24th May, 10am
WT Building, 2-14 Wakefield Street, Room WT515C

University of Auckland
24th May, 2pm
70 Symonds St, Room G10

Speaker’s bio:
Dr Amit Garg is a Guinness world record holder in mathematics as well as the CEO & founder of ORMAE – Operations Research, Machine Learning and Analytics Experts. ORMAE is fast growing and has now subsidiaries in the US, India, Middle East, and New Zealand. Dr. Amit has a PhD in Operations Research with 10 years of experience working as a scientist in the US and helping Fortune 500 companies like Amazon to multimillion dollar savings.
This is a unique opportunity to be inspired by a showcase of Dr Amit’s mathematical abilities and hear how he helped his clients save in millions.

Further information about the speaker is available here:

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