39th Annual ORSNZ Conference 

Sunday 28th and Monday 29th November 2004
Pre-Conference Social Function Saturday evening 27 November

University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ

The University of Auckland's Department of Engineering Science is pleased to host
the 39th Annual Conference of the Operational Research Society of New Zealand.

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Visas, Hotels
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View the submitted abstracts and papers, the final IJIE/ORSNZ program and the ORSNZ attendee list.

Parallel Industrial Engineering Meeting: IJIE'04

The ORSNZí04 conference will be running simultaneously with the 9th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theory, Applications and Practice (IJIE'04). We are very pleased to be hosting this prestigious international meeting at Auckland. This parallel meeting will run on Sunday and Monday, with Tuesday being reserved as a possible third day. Attendees at the ORSNZ conference are welcome to attend any of the Industrial Engineering sessions. (Note that submissions for presentation at these Industrial Engineering sessions is now closed.) See www.ijienet.org/ijie04/ for more info on the IJIE'04 conference.

There are a number of other conferences happening in NZ and Australia at this time.


We welcome Charles River Associates, www.crai.co.nz, as the Principal Sponsor of this conference. We also acknowledge the most generous support provided by Optimal Decision Technologies, www.optimal-decision.com, and the Department of Engineering Science, www.esc.auckland.ac.nz.

Principal Sponsor
Young Practitioner First Prize Sponsor

Young Practitioner Prize Sponsor

Engineering Science Department
Plenary Sponsor

Speaker Guidelines

You will have around 20 minutes for your talk, with 2 minutes for questions. (Students entering the Young Practitioner Prize (YPP) should note that this will be tightly enforced.) 

Each of our two presentation rooms will be equipped with an overhead projector, a laptop and a datashow (1024x768). The laptops will be running Powerpoint 2000 (not 2002/XP). If you wish to use the provided laptop, you should load your talk onto the laptop in the break before your presentation. There will be no network connections available.

You may find Fritz Raffensperger's excellent Powerpoint guidelines useful in preparing your talk.

Dress: Dress at New Zealand conferences (for speakers and attendees and at social events) is typically comfortable business casual (e.g. a collared shirt & trousers).


We are very pleased to have two international plenary speakers presenting at this year's ORSNZ conference. Professor Oli Madsen is the director of and professor at the Centre for Traffic and Transportation at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He is well known for his many contributions to both the theory and application of Operations Research. Professor Andres Weintraub from Chile is the current President of IFORS. He has published numerous articles, both on methodoligical aspects and on OR applications. He has extensive experience in applied work where he uses OR models for planning and scheduling operations, in particular in forestry and forest firms.

A programme (text version) for the conference is available with presentation times. You may also wish to view the submitted papers. A program overview is shown below. Full details of the parallel IJIE program will be provided on www.ijienet.org/ijie04 and at the conference.

Saturday 27 November

Sunday 28 November

Monday 29 November









1900-2000 Registration

1900-2100 Wine and Cheese reception in the Engineering School, 20 Symonds St

0800 Registration & Breakfast

0850 Welcome & Plenary Address

1000 Morning Tea

1030 Paper Sessions 1, 2

1200 Lunch

1300 YPP Session 1

1430 Afternoon Tea

1500 YPP Session 2

1610 ORSNZ AGM & Council Meeting

1830 Boarding of Banquet boat. Drinks available

1900 Boat departs promptly for Banquet Cruise

2130 Boat returns to ferry berth

0800 Registration & Breakfast

0850 Paper Sessions 3,4

1020 Morning Tea

1050 Plenary Address

1200 Lunch

1300 Paper Sessions 5, 6

1430 Afternoon Tea

1500 Paper Sessions 7, 8

1700 approx. End of conference


The School of Engineering, 20 Symonds St, is the venue for all talks, morning and afternoon teas, lunches, the reception and registration.

    The Banquet Cruise on the Fullerís QuickCat II starts at 1830 (6:30pm) at the Fullerís Ferry Berth, Quay St, a 30 minute walk from the School of Engineering. Weather permitting, there may be a chance for a short walk on an old volcanic island, so please wear sensible shoes. See the map below for directions. Departure is 1900; donít be late.

Abstract and Paper Submission

Details of the initial abstract submission and subsequent paper submission process are given in the Call for Papers. Following acceptance of your abstract, we should submit a full-length paper (up to 10 pages, in PDF format) for publication in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be made available for all participants of the conference. Full papers should be submitted by email in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format to [email protected]. (Visit www.ps2pdf.com for a free PDF creation service.)

Guidelines for preparation of the final papers are available for both Word and Latex. Please download the Word Guidelines Document if you want to prepare your paper using Word. For Latex users we have prepared a style file and sample document. It is in this Latex Guidelines archive, which includes some necessary style files. Please refer to the README.txt file for installation instructions. There is also a simpler sample LaTeX file available that does not require installing style files.

You may wish to view the submitted papers.

Submission deadline for Abstracts: 30 September 2004
Submission deadline for Papers: 31 October 2004

Registration and Fees

You can register for the conference using our secure online registration system at https://secure.orsnz.org.nz/register.php. (Your browser will confirm this site is secure, typically by showing a padlock in the status bar.) This system will allow you to pay online by credit card (the recommended approach), or print out and post/fax the form to us. 

The conference fee includes breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea, a copy of the proceedings volume and a banquet ticket. (The student registration does not include a banquet ticket unless the student is speaking at the conference.) Refund of paid fees is only possible by notice in writing or by email before 15 November. Conference fees are shown in the following table:

ORSNZ member  NZ$ 270 (student NZ$ 85)
Non-member  NZ$ 305 (student NZ$ 95)
New member, including 2003-2004 membership  NZ$ 340 (student NZ$100)
Discount for registration before 15 October  NZ$ 40 (student NZ$15)

Membership fees for the society are currently NZ$70 (student NZ$15) per annum.


The conference proper will be held in the School of Engineering; see this map of the city campus. Engineeering is most easily accessed from Symonds St  (between Wellesley St East and Grafton Rd, on the Grafton Road side).

Breakfast, morning tea, and afternoon tea will be served in the foyer area outside the conference rooms. The lunch venue is yet to be announced.

Please refer to the map of the city campus (also available in PDF format). The main entrance of the School of Engineering is at 20 Symonds St (on this Wises map).

Note that the University has no parking available. We suggest you park in the Victoria Street car park (entered by turning left at the intersection of Victoria St East and Kitchener St) or the Kitchener street car park (on the left after entering from Wellesley St East), and the walking through Albert Park to Symonds St. See this map.

Young Practitioner's Prize

The Young Practitioners competition is open to authors under 25 years of age on 28 November 2004. Papers must be singly authored. More details are contained on the call for papers. The Prize of NZ$1,000 is to be split between the author(s) of the best paper(s), according to the judges' discretion.

Social Programme

[Provisional] There will be a pre-conference gathering at 7 p.m. on Sat 27 November, at the School of Engineering, University of Auckland. (This function is not happening at Old Government House, which has been the venue in past years.) See the map of the city campus (also available in PDF format) or this Wises map.

This year's conference banquet will be a dinner cruise on the magnificent Auckland Harbour. This is being held on the evening of Sun 28 November.



If you are travelling on a passport from a Visa-free country (see below), then you will be issued with a New Zealand Visitor Visa when you arrive in New Zealand. To obtain this, you should have with you your personalised letter of paper acceptance/invitation to the conference to show to the immigration officials.

If you are not travelling on a passport from a Visa-free country, then you will need to apply for a Visitors Visa at your nearest New Zealand embassy and have received this before you travel to New Zealand. Your application for a visitor's visa (see link below) should include your personalised letter of paper acceptance/invitation to the conference.

We have confirmed with the Immigration Department that even if you are presenting at the conference, you need a Visitor Visa, not a work visa, as you are not being paid.

Guide for Visiting New Zealand

Visa Application Instructions:

List of Visa free countries:

Application for Visitors Visa:


Map of the University of Auckland City Campus
Map of Auckland
The School of Engineering, 20 Symonds St, is on this Wises map.

The airport is south of the city centre and university. A taxi from the airport's taxi rank to the university costs about NZ$40, a shuttle bus about NZ$20. There is no need to book when catching a taxi or shuttle from the airport.


Information on hotel and budget accommodation organised for the conference is available here. You need to make your own bookings.

Things to do in Auckland

Links: Auckland New Zealand, Lonely Planet

Other Conferences

In addition to the IJIE'04 parallel conference, there are a number of other conferences happening in NZ and Australia.

13th-18th December, 2004 (6 Days)
The 2004 NZIMA Conference in Combinatorics and its Applications, jointly with
The 29th Australasian Conference in Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (29th ACCMCC)
Lake Taupo, New Zealand

December 6-7, 2004
International Workshop on Interdisciplinary Decision Making
Campus of the University of Melbourne, Australia

December 6-8, 2004
International Conference on Mathematical Inequalities and their Applications, Melbourne, Australia

December 9-11, 2004
The Sixth International Conference on Optimization: Techniques and Applications (ICOTA 6)
Ballarat (120 km from Melbourne),  Australia

December 12-14, 2004
Second Australian-China workshop on Optimization
Ballarat, Australia

December 12-15, 2004
Fifth Asia-Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference (APIEMS 2004)
Gold Coast,  Australia

December 12-15, 2004
World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling
Melbourne, Australia

December 13-14, 2004
The First International Workshop on Intelligent Finance (IWIF 1)
Melbourne, Australia

December 13-17, 2004
Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing
Melbourne, Australia



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