The following papers have been submitted to this year’s conference.

YPP Submissions

Thomas Adams
Balancing Physician Workloads Under Uncertain Admissions

R. Adiga, J. O’Sullivan & A.B. Philpott
Integer Programming Optimization of Production Well Placement

A. Ansell, G. Zakeri & A.W. Kempa-Liehr
Short-Term Modelling of Electricity Prices in New Zealand

S. Aref, A. Mason & M.C. Wilson
Computing the frustration index in signed graphs using binary programming

O. Barbin, M. O’Sullivan & C. Walker
Improvements in Water Resource Planning

R. Baucke
Upper and lower bounds for saddle functions

I.D. Cleland, A.J. Mason & M.J. O’Sullivan
Using Neighbourhood Search to Solve Generalised Staff Rostering Problems

O. Dowson & L. Kapelevich
SDDP.jl: a Julia package for Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming

M. Habibian, A. Downward & G. Zakeri
Multi-stage Demand-side Management for Major Consumers of Energy in New Zealand Electricity Market

O. Khaiam
Mathematical model to determine optimal investment for solar power & EES for load-shifting

H. Krishnan & A. Mason
A Study on Bid and Budget Optimization for Google AdWords

S. Ridler, A.J. Mason & A. Raith
A Simulation Package for Emergency Medical Services

R. Stewart, A. Raith & B. Grün
Efficient Placement of Charging Infrastructure within Existing Bus Networks

J. Tidswell & A. Raith
Modelling Traffic Assignment Objectives with Emission Cost Functions

W. Zhi, K. Abbaszadeh, G. Zakeri, G. Pritchard
Piecewise Linear Offers in the New Zealand Electricity Market

Other papers

Emmanuel C. Jo
Forecasting future medical specialty workforces supply with age distribution using health workforce annual practicing certificate data

W. Jiang & S. Kou
Simulating Risk Measures with Estimated Relative Errors