Local Organising Committee

The local organising committee comprises members from the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology and the Department of Mathematical Sciences from AUT (this year’s host), as well as members of the NZSA Executive and ORSNZ Council. The local organising committee is co-chaired by Priya Parmar (representing statistics) and Sarah Marshall (representing operations research).

The conference organising committee includes:

  • Priya Parmar (co-chair, statistics)
  • Sarah Marshall (co-chair, operations research)
  • Steve Taylor (programme organiser)
  • James Curran (Convenor Awards Committee, NZSA)
  • Golbon Zakeri (ORSNZ president)
  • Anthony Downward, (ORSNZ secretary)
  • Janet Pearson
  • Maheswaran Rohan
  • Nick Garrett
  • Alain Vandal