2016 Joint NZSA+ORSNZ Conference

The New Zealand Statistical Association (NZSA) and the Operations Research Society of New Zealand (ORSNZ) are holding a joint conference hosted by Auckland University of Technology at their city campus from Sunday 27th November – Wednesday 30th November 2016. This conference incorporates both the 67th Annual NZSA Conference and the 50th annual ORSNZ Conference.

The conference will begin on Sunday 27th November with an evening welcome reception.  The conference presentations and other events will be held from Monday 28th November – Wednesday 30th November 2016.

For discussions among all and sundry associated with the conference, including attendees and onlookers, please visit our Facebook page;

As well as the usual emails, announcements will be made publicly from the twitter account @autbiostats, and we propose using hashtags #orsnz16 and/or #nzsa16 for associated tweets, like last year’s #nzsa15. There may be a prize for “cleverest tweet” 🙂