Proceedings of the 2016 Joint NZSA+ORSNZ Conference

The proceedings of the Young Practitioner Prize submissions for the 50th Annual Conference of the ORSNZ (held in 2016 jointly with the 67th Annual Conference of the NZSA, hosted by AUT, November 2016) are published online, below, by the Operations Research Society of NZ.

ORSNZ Young Practitioner Prize Papers (2016), proudly sponsored by Orbit Systems.

ORSNZ+NZSA Regular Contributed Papers (2016)

  1. Alistair Ramsden and Caleb Moses
    Redeveloping the confidentiality method for Statistics New Zealand business demography data
  2. Robin Hankin
    A liability allocation game
  3. Anthony Downward, Subeh Chowdhury and Cengyue Chen
    Tourism analytics: a recommendation engine for itinerary planning
  4. Maryam Hasannasab, Israfil Roshdi, Dimitris Margaritis and Paul Rouse
    A new metric for scale elasticity in Data Envelopment Analysis