ORSNZ Conference Planning 2020

We are starting to think about the location and timing of this year’s conference.

In terms of the 2019’s conference: we found that that having sessions based around research topics (rather than YPP / non-YPP) went well; however, in future it would be great to be able to conclude the conference with an analytics forum (or similar) event / drinks, rather than have that on the same night as the dinner.

We think that last year’s conference went well by ourselves, but for organisational reasons, would prefer to align with other conferences, where appropriate.

We are conducting a survey to see what other societies are hosting conferences in late November / early December 2020, so we can either: join them, align with them, or avoid a clash.

For example, we are aware that the 2020 NZMS Colloquium is running from 1-3 December 2020 at AUT.

Please submit any conferences that you know of, using the link below:
Go to Survey

This survey will close on Friday 31 January; and will be followed up with another survey to determine a preferred location for the conference.