ORSNZ AGM 2022 Agenda

The 2022 ORSNZ Annual General Meeting will be held at the upcoming 54th ORSNZ Conference on Monday 28 November starting at 1:40pm.

The preliminary agenda for the meeting is:

  1. Apologies (to [email protected]);
  2. Minutes of the previous AGM;
  3. Matters arising from the minutes;
  4. President’s report;
  5. Honorary Treasurer’s report and financial statements;
  6. Updates from regional and special interest groups;
  7. Hans Daellenbach Prize (see details below);
  8. Future Conferences;
  9. Election of officers and auditor;
  10. Other business.

You can assign a proxy to vote on your behalf using the 2nd page of this form; this should be sent to [email protected].

Item 7:

ORSNZ has established an awards committee to make recommendations with respect to the award of the HGD prize, that will:

  1. Stand ready to receive, and where necessary solicit, suggestions with respect to suitable recipients.
  2. Maintain an ordered list of potential recipients, considering the alignment between their achievements and the prize criteria, and also the alignment of award timing with career events such as retirement.
  3. Pro-actively request suitably placed individuals to prepare formal nominations for persons on that list, and to provide supporting documentation, with the aim of making one HGD award every 3 years, on average.
  4. Form an ad hoc sub-committee, adding suitably qualified persons if required  to avoid conflicts of interest, to make a recommendation with respect to each nomination.


  1. The committee consists of all past HGD awardees who are still active in ORSNZ, and it is envisaged that members will be added as new awards are made, and will retire when they cease ORSNZ activity.
  2. Awards have been well below the target rate in recent years, so further awards may be made within the next 3 years

Sincerely, Prof Vicky Mabin, Prof Andy Philpott and Prof Grant Read (Awards Committee)