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The Operations Research Society of New Zealand is a nationwide not-for-profit body comprising academics and public servants, consultants and people in industry. It currently has over 150 members within New Zealand and is affiliated to APORS, IFORS and the Royal Society of NZ. In 2008, David Ryan was presented with an IFORS certificate (larger image) celebrating 50 years of IFORS.

The primary aim of the Society is to promote Operations Research and Management Science in New Zealand in both academic and industrial aspects.

To read the latest news about Operations Research and Management Science in New Zealand look at the ORSNZ Newsletter.

To read the latest from Operations Research and Management Science in the United States look at OR/MS Today

If you are seeking a particular OR/MS journal issue then look at OR/MS library holdings in New Zealand institutions.

COUNCIL MEMBERS Dec 2015 - Dec 2016

The Constitution states that: "The Council shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, an Honorary Secretary, and an Honorary Treasurer and six other members. In addition, not more than five members may be co-opted annually by the Council. ... The members of the Council shall retire annually but shall be available for re-election."

Golbon Zakeri
[email protected]

Vice President 
Geoff Pritchard
[email protected]

Tony Downward
[email protected]

Andrea Raith
[email protected]


Andy Philpott
[email protected]

Council (Communications)
Sarah Marshall
[email protected]

Kevin Ross

Andrew Mason

Vicky Mabin

Kim Frew

Council (Industry Representative)
Geoff Leyland

Paul Rouse

John Paynter

Fernando Beltran

Council (WebMaster)
Mike O'Sullivan
[email protected]

John Créquer



Auckland Branch Chair
[email protected]
Cameron Walker
Christchurch Branch Chair 
[email protected]
Grant Read
Wellington Branch Chair
[email protected]
Thomas Liddle
Waikato Branch Chair
[email protected]
John Buchanan

View our past council details


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Contact the branch chairs above if you wish to give a presentation or organise an OR activity in Auckland, Wellington or Canterbury 


The 2001 conference paper guidelines are available for download in Word format. (The 2000 conference paper guidelines are also available for download.) A sample LaTeX file from 1998 is also available.

The ORSNZ conference rotates around the NZ universities in the sequence Auckland (2002), Hamilton (2003), Wellington (2004) and Christchurch (2005). (Council resolution July 2001). This sequence was broken in 2004 for a joint conference, and to allow our 2005 40th year celebration to occur in our birthplace, Wellington (home of the old DSIR). The 2007 conference was not held in Hamilton at their request, but instead in Auckland.


The newsletter editor can be contacted at [email protected]. The latest and past issues can be found here. These includes scanned digital copies going back to 1970.

Recent and Historical Conference Proceedings:
Conference proceedings can be accessed through the conference links above. Scanned digital copies of earlier conference proceedings are available thanks to a joint project with the University of Auckland Library.


ORSNZ Journal "New Zealand Operational Research":
You can browse scanned digital copies of New Zealand Operational Research , a journal published by the ORSNZ in 14 volumes from 1971 through to 1986. These are available thanks to a joint project with the University of Auckland Library.


Young Practitioner Prize:
The ORSNZ has regular Young Practitioner Prizes to encourage students and practitioners in OR. Click here for more details, including a list of these prize winners.

Hans Daellenbach Prize:
The ORSNZ also awards the Hans Daellenbach Prize to distinguished contributors in Operations Research. Click here for more details on the nomination process and a list of past prize winners.

Honoray Visting Lecturers:
The ORSNZ invites nominations for ORSNZ honorary visiting lecturers to visit New Zealand between September and June each year. Each visiting lecturer is invited to give a talk on some topic likely to be of general interest to ORSNZ members at at least three of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch. Each visiting lecturer will be invited to write a guest editorial for the society newsletter. The ORSNZ contributes to the costs up to a maximum of $1000 plus GST (if any) per visitor. Each candidate must be nominated by a current member of ORSNZ, "the champion". The nomination must include the CV of the nominated visiting lecturer, the date and location of the hosts of the visit, the name of the champion and an undertaking by the champion to coordinate a visit by the nominee to three or more of the above named centres. Enquiries concerning, or nominations for, lectureships should be sent to president@orsnz... The closing date for nominations is the end of April. Information on past visitors can be found here.

APORS Young Scholar and National Paper
In association with IFORS (International Federation of OR Societies), the ORSNZ provides support for a young scholar to attend the APORS (Asia Pacific OR Societies) annual conference. Click here for more details.

Invited Speakers at the Annual Japanese OR Society Conference
For a few years, the Japanese OR Society sponsored one invited speaker each year to speak at an APORS session in its annual conference. Click here for more details.

View our 2009 constitution (dated 10 March 2009) (.doc) with changes (.doc) introduced by the amendment of 20 April 2009 (.doc) and discussed in the January 2009 newsletter. This version supercedes our 2008 consitution. We also have available the Aug 1990 Amendment (introducing honorary life memberships), Jan 1991 Constitution (ConJan91.doc), Dec 1991 Amendment (not-for-profit changes, collective members rights, sexist language), Feb 1992 Constitution (ConFeb92.doc), April 1993 amendment (ConVote1.doc) (financial year ending June, conduct of members), April 1993 Constitution (as filed) (ConJun93.doc) the Dec 2000 amendment (.doc) and voting result (Mar 2001 newsletter, p19), the Feb 2001 consitution (.doc) (which was never filed with the Companies Office), and the Jan 2008 constitution (.doc) (being the delayed filing of the 2001 version). Most of these Word files are the old originals!

Registration as an Incorporated Society
The ORSNZ is an incorporated society, number 216850, at the NZ Companies office. The 2009 constitution changed our name from the Operational Research Society of NZ to the Operations Research Society of NZ. This is shown in our updated Certificate of Incorporation from the Companies Office (which replaces our earlier 2007 Certificate of Incorporation). We were first incorporated on 24 May 1965.

We file annual accounts each year. There is some useful information for registered societies at http://www.societies.govt.nz/, including some useful forms and options for uploading reports and updating information.

Not GST Registered
On 10 June 2010, we deregistered for GST. (We were previously registered for GST under GST number 55-449-481.)

Registration as a Charity and IRD Donee Organisation Status
In May 1992, we were approved by IRD (confirmation letter, 25 Feb 2008) as a non-profit organisation for the purposes of income tax.

In April 2009, we were registered as a Charity by the Charities Commission, with registration number CC40246; view the Charities Commission Registration certificate. (This supercedes and extends our non-profit status.) IRD (IRD letter, 25 May 2009) have confirmed that tax credits and deductions can be claimed for donations to the ORSNZ.

Registration with the Charities Commission means we need to:
• send an Annual Return to the Commission each year. Our first Annual Return is due before 31 December 2009.
• notify the Commission of changes to the name, address for service, balance date, rules, purposes or officers no later than three months after the effective date of the change.

General Documents & Forms:
You can view our past council members, check out the secretarial duties, and view our overseas visitors visa instructions.
Download our reimbursement form; please complete this and email it to the treasurer (treasurer@...) with any claims for reimbursement.

Documenting our Processes:
The following files document our processes.
Branch Chair's Role
Presidential Processes 
Secretarial Processes 
Treasurer Processes 
Official Companies Office Information
Conference Organisation
Newsletter Processes
Webmaster Processes
We also have a list of the secretarial duties (pdf) from 1992 and an old ORSNZ Processes seed document from 11/2001.

ORSNZ Annual General Meetings and Annual Reports:
1997 AGM : Minutes 1997.pdf Accounts 1996/97.pdf Treasurer Report 1996/97.pdf (Aug 1997, APORS, Sydney)
1998 AGM : Minutes 1998.pdf Accounts 1997/98.pdf Treasurer Report 1997/98.pdf (Aug 1998, Auckland University)
1999 AGM: Minutes 1999.pdf Accounts 1998/99.pdf Treasurer Report 1998/99.pdf (Dec 1999, Waikato University)
2000 AGM: Minutes 2000.pdf Accounts 1999/00.pdf Treasurer Report 1999/00.pdf (Dec 2000, Victoria University)
2001 AGM: Minutes Accounts 2000/01 Treasurer Report President's Report 2002 budget (Dec 2001, Canterbury University)
2002 AGM: Minutes Accounts 2001/02 Reports 2003 budget (Dec 2002, Auckland University)
2003 AGM: Minutes Accounts 2002/03 Reports 2004 budget (Nov 2003, Waikato University)
2004 AGM: Minutes Accounts 2003/04 Reports (Nov 2004, University of Auckland)
2005 AGM: Minutes Accounts 2004/05 Reports (Dec 2005, Victoria University of Wellington)
2006 AGM: Nominations for Council  Minutes  Accounts 2005/06  Reports (Nov 2006, University of Canterbury)
2007 AGM: Notice of AGM  Nominations for Council  Minutes  Accounts 2006/07  Reports (Nov 2007, University of Auckland)
2008 AGM: Notice of AGM  Nominations for Council  Minutes  Accounts 2007/08  Reports (Nov 2008, Victoria University of Wellington)
2009 AGM: Notice of AGM  Nominations for Council  Minutes  Accounts 2008/09  Reports (Dec 2009, Canterbury University, Christchurch)
2010 AGM: Notice of AGM  Nominations for Council  Minutes   Accounts 2009/10  Reports (Nov 2010, University of Auckland)
2011 AGM: Notice of AGM  Nominations for Council  Minutes   Accounts 2010/11  Reports (May 2012 by KAREN teleconference)
2012 AGM: Notice of AGM  Nominations for Council  Minutes   Accounts 2011/12  Reports (Dec 2012, Victoria University of Wellington)
2013 AGM: Notice of AGM  Nominations for Council  Minutes  Accounts 2012/13  Reports (Nov 2013, University of Waikato)
2014 AGM: Notice of AGM  Minutes  Accounts 2013/14  Reports (Nov 2014, Victoria University of Wellington)
2015 AGM: Notice of AGM  Minutes  Reports (Nov 2015, University of Canterbury)
2016 AGM: Notice of AGM  Minutes  Accounts 2015/16  Reports (Nov 2016, University of Auckland)

ORSNZ Council Documents:
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  5 July 2001 at the University of Waikato, Hamilton
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  16 Nov 2001 at the University of Waikato, Hamilton
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  30 Nov 2001 at the conference in the Engineering School, Canterbury
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  5 Nov 2002 at the University of Waikato, Hamilton
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  29 Nov 2002 at the Annual Conference, University of Auckland
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  21 Nov 2003 at the Annual Conference, Waikato University
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  28 Nov 2004 at the Annual Conference, University of Auckland
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  2 Dec 2005 at the Annual Conference, Victoria University of Wellington
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  30 Nov 2006 at the Annual Conference, University of Canterbury
Minutes of the Council Meeting of  February 2007 held via email.
Agenda and Minutes of the Council Meeting of 29 Nov 2007 at the Annual Conference, University of Auckland
Minutes of the Council Meeting of 3 July 2008 at the University of Auckland, and various subsequent email resolutions.
Minutes of the Council Meeting of 24 Nov 2008 at Victoria University.
Minutes of the Council Meeting of 3 Dec 2009 at the Annual Conference, University of Canterbury.
Minutes of the Council Meeting of 2010 at the Annual Conference, University of Auckland.
Minutes of the Council Meeting of 28 May 2012 held using the electronic Karen network
Minutes of the Council Meeting of 10 Dec 2012 held during the 2012 Annual Conference, Victoria University of Wellington.
Minutes of the Council Meeting of 26 November 2013 held during the 2013 Annual Conference, University of Waikato.
Minutes of the Council Meeting of 25 November 2014 held during the 2014 Annual Conference, Victorial University of Wellington.
Minutes of the Council Meeting of 29 November 2016 held during the 2016 Annual Conference, Auckland University of Technology.

Links to Members:
List of Members giving affiliation, Email and WWW home page addresses.

Links to Other Societies:
Royal Society of New Zealand
ASOR (Australian Society of OR)
IFORS (International Federation of OR Societies)
INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences)
OR Society of Singapore

Links to NZ OR Groups:
University of Auckland - Engineering Science, Operations Research Group
University of Auckland - Information Systems and Operations Management
Victoria University of Wellington - School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Victoria University of Wellington - Victoria Management School
University of Canterbury - Department of Management
University of Waikato - Department of Management Systems
Massey University - Department of Mathematics

The ORSNZ was founded in 1965 by staff at the Applied Maths Division of the DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research), a government department based primarily in Wellington.We have a small collection of historic photos which were collected as part of our 2005 40th anniversary in Wellington, including:
1/ George Dantzig (Stanford Optimisation Lab) cutting our 21st anniversary cake, Aug-1985, with Bruce Benseman (President?), [jpg] and
2/ Jerry Brown (Naval Post-Grad College, Monterey), invited conference speaker, Aug-1987, again with Bruce Benseman. [jpg]

The comments for the following pictures were provided by Vicky Mabin (Jan 2008). These pictures featured in a picture quizz held in 2005 at the 40th anniversary of the ORSNZ.
1  APORS delegates, ORSA/TIMS Conference, Gold Coast: Tony Vignaux, Hugh Barr, Vicky Mabin.
2. 1999 Waikato conference:  Hans Daellenbach and Michael Rothkopf - Keynote Speakers. Hans did a brilliant futuristic piece for his address, the conference theme was OR in the new millennium.
3.  Canterbury Conference, 1992?
4.  No details of this were given by Vicky Mabin. However, this photo was shown at the 2012 Conference in Wellington as part of a presentation of the Hans Daellenbach prize to E. Grant Read. Discussion confirmed this was at Canterbury, and was probably in 1992. This conference was coordinated with a skiing trip (which explains David Ryan's tan! David is in front of Hugh Barr; Hugh is located rightmost in the back row.). The front row is ?, ? John Paynter, ORSNZ secretary, Grant Read (president at the time?), Hans Daellenbach, Les Foulds, ?, ?,  ?
5.  2001, Canterbury OR Dept 30th Anniversary Re-union including John George (and wife), Hans Daellenbach, Anne Spence/Wein and Larry Wein, Vicky Mabin, John Raffensperger, Ed Silver?, John Giffin, Victoria Coad, Nick Winter?, Jenny George, Don McNickle.
6. Bruce Benseman and George Dantzig, August 1985, ORSNZ 21st birthday celebrations, organised partly by Vicky Mabin (especially the cake!)  Don't be misled by the fact that we had our 40th in 2005 - we missed a conference in 1997 due to APORS in Melbourne that year.
7. Joint conference with NZPICS in Wellington, 1991, organised by Vicky Mabin (President of ORSNZ, Chair of Wgtn Chapter of NZPICS, and Conference Chair).
8. Waikato?   The speaker with Les looks like Saul Gass?

(Thanks to Bruce and John Hayes, Vicky Mabin, Karen Garner, and others I'm sure, for contributing these pictures.)

Lester Brian reports "The logo was selected from a competition by art students (from where? – perhaps Wellington?).  I remember laying the entries out over the floor at more than one meeting." (Email 26/11/2007) Our oldest newsletter (Feb 1970) includes in its AGM report: "Letterhead. The particular O.R. symbol was chosen as the arrows reflect a tension, and a choice between alternatives. It was agreed that we should express our appreciation for the quality of the work."


Contact Us

Feedback on our Web pages should be sent to [email protected]. General inquiries can be sent to:

PO Box 6544
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141
New Zealand

(We had an old address of c/- Department of Management Systems, Private Bag 3105, Hamilton. Please update your records with the new address.)